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By Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Fredericksburg
August 17, 2022
Category: Surgeries
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Do I need a tonsillectomy?

Tonsils are the soft masses in the back of the throat. These lymph nodes can help get rid of bacteria and protect against infection; however, they too can become infected. Strep throat is a common tonsil infection. When tonsils become infected or inflamed quite frequently, our Fredericksburg, and Stafford, VA, ENT physicians may recommend a tonsillectomy.

What Is a Tonsillectomy?

A tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure performed by our Fredericksburg, VA, team to remove the tonsils. Most people think of children when they think of tonsillectomies; however, kids aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the procedure. Adults can, too. The procedure is performed the same way on adults as on children.

Why Might I Need a Tonsillectomy as an Adult?

Just because you’ve dealt with strep throat or tonsillitis in your lifetime doesn’t mean you’ll need to undergo a tonsillectomy. Our physicians may recommend getting your tonsils removed if,

  • You are dealing with chronic sore throats or infections of the throat (five or more a year)
  • Inflamed or enlarged tonsils are causing obstructive sleep apnea or sleep-disordered breathing
  • You develop a growth or mass on the tonsils (often caused by HPV)

It’s more common for men to have their tonsils removed than women.

What Should I Expect From the Procedure?

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, meaning you will be asleep throughout the surgery. Tonsils can be removed using a scalpel, laser, sound waves or cold. Regardless of the technique, the recovery is the same. Sometimes our team may decide to remove the adenoids as well. Once you are out of surgery, we will monitor you for a few hours before sending you home.

How Long Is the Recovery Process?

You should expect to make a full recovery in about two weeks. We will provide you with care instructions and do’s and don’ts to ensure that your throat heals properly without complication. We may prescribe pain medication to ease discomfort, especially for the first few days after surgery. Give your body ample rest and recovery time. A liquid and soft foods diet are required for two weeks.

If you are dealing with persistent or severe tonsillitis, it may be time to speak with our Fredericksburg, and Stafford, VA, team to discuss whether you could be a candidate for a tonsillectomy. To schedule a consultation, call the Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center at (540) 371-1226.

By Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Fredericksburg
February 14, 2019
Category: Surgeries
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Find out how to finally alleviate your chronic sinusitis symptoms.

When we think of a sinus infection we often think of them as a minor nuisance that goes away on its own. But what if your symptoms don’t Balloon Sinuplastyseem to go away? If you’ve had symptoms of sinusitis for 12 weeks or more then you could be dealing with a chronic infection. Chronic sinusitis will warrant a trip to our Fredericksburg, VA, otolaryngologists just to confirm that this is what’s causing your congested, stuffy or blocked nose.

The first line of defense against chronic sinusitis is to treat it with medications or simple at-home remedies like nasal washes and saline solutions. Of course, if these at-home measures aren’t providing you with relief then our Fredericksburg, VA, ENT doctor may recommend balloon sinuplasty.


What is balloon sinuplasty?

This minimally invasive procedure is a great alternative to traditional sinus surgery. During this procedure, our Fredericksburg, VA, ENT doctor will guide an endoscope, a thin flexible tube, through the blocked nasal cavity. At the end of this endoscope is a deflated balloon.

Once the endoscope is fully within the blocked passageway, we will slowly fill the balloon with air. As you might imagine, the balloon will continue to expand until it slowly opens up the blockage, allowing the sinuses to properly drain. Once the procedure is complete, the endoscope is removed but the nasal passages will remain open. The entire procedure can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.


What are the benefits of this procedure?

The biggest benefit is that this procedure finally drains the sinuses and removes the blockage, making it easier to breathe again. It should also reduce or eliminate any facial pressure or pain you’ve been experiencing because of chronic sinusitis. This procedure is ideal for someone who hasn’t responded to medications or other treatment options.

Another benefit of balloon sinuplasty is that it’s a lot less invasive than traditional sinus surgery. Traditional surgery often requires incisions and/or the removal of tissue and (sometimes) bone. This also means that the patient will have a longer recovery period. Luckily this all changes with balloon sinuplasty.

First of all, there are absolutely no incisions or tissue and bone removal, which means that your recovery period will be significantly shorter. Most patients return to work just two days after their procedure. Secondly, side effects such as post-procedural bleeding or swelling are quite minimal compared to traditional surgery.


Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Centers is dedicated to providing comprehensive ENT care in Fredericksburg and Stafford, VA. If you are dealing with chronic nasal congestion or a nasal blockage then it’s time to find out how we can help you get the relief you deserve.

By Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Fredericksburg
October 09, 2017
Category: Surgeries
Tags: Tonsillectomy  

When the tonsils are repeatedly or chronically infected or are causing obstruction of the throat, your doctor may recommend that they be Tonsillectomy removed. The procedure for removing the tonsils is called a tonsillectomy. This surgery is most commonly performed in children. However, it is not uncommon for adults to require a tonsillectomy. This is a relatively straightforward procedure that can be performed by the ENT specialists at Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Stafford and Fredericksburg, VA. 

What Is a Tonsillectomy?
The tonsils are two small glands at the back of the throat that house white blood cells and help the body fight infections, but they are vulnerable to becoming infected themselves. A tonsillectomy consists of removing these small glands surgically.

Having Your Tonsils Removed
You will need to go under general anesthesia for a tonsillectomy procedure. It is an outpatient procedure that can be completed relatively quickly. The entire recovery period could take a couple of weeks. Feelings of having a sore throat are common after this surgery and pain medication may be prescribed.

Call for a Tonsil Exam
If you or your child are experiencing symptoms that may indicate that you need a tonsillectomy or you have frequent bouts of tonsillitis, contact Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Stafford and Fredericksburg, VA. Call 540-371-1226 today to schedule an appointment.

By Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Fredericksburg
March 08, 2016
Category: Surgeries
Tags: thyroid  

If you are suffering from a thyroid issue, you are not alone. Over 20 million Americans have thyroid disorders, and 12% of Americans will tyroiddevelop thyroid problems at some point in their lifetimes. However, your Fredericksburg, VA ear, nose and throat doctors at Ear, Nose and Throat Facial Plastic Surgery are here to make understanding the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders easy.

What is a thyroid? 
The thyroid is a gland which produces hormones that affect various metabolic processes throughout your body. It is butterfly-shaped and located just under the Adam’s apple on the front of the neck. The main thyroid hormone is thyroxine, also called T4. This hormone affects how fast the body’s cells use their stored energy, a process known as metabolism.

What are some common thyroid conditions? 
There are two main branches of thyroid disorders:

  • Hyperthyroidism: This condition is due to an overproduction of thyroid hormone. Conditions causing hyperthyroidism include Graves’ disease, pituitary gland abnormalities, cancer and toxic adenomas. 
    Hyperthyroidism symptoms include:
    • hand tremors
    • mood swings
    • excessive fatigue
    • irregular heartbeat
    • trouble sleeping
  • Hypothyroidism: The opposite of hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormone. Conditions which cause hypothyroidism include the autoimmune disorder Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, the lack of a thyroid gland (usually due to surgical removal) and exposure to too much iodide (often found in some heart and cold/sinus medications). 
    Hypothyroidism symptoms include:
    • rapid weight gain
    • difficulty losing weight
    • course or dry hair
    • weakness and fatigue
    • hair loss
    • cold intolerance

How can my ear, nose and throat doctor help? 
Your Fredericksburg ENT doctor takes many things into account while diagnosing thyroid disorders. Family and medical history, a physical examination and various tests help them determine the diagnosis. Treatment for thyroid disorders depends on your diagnosis. Common treatment includes medications to regulate the production of thyroid hormone and the use of low-dose radioactive iodine to destroy an overactive gland over a period of time. In some cases, patients benefit from surgery to remove the thyroid gland altogether.

For more information on thyroid issues and treatment options, please contact your doctor at Ear, Nose and Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Fredericksburg in Fredericksburg, VA. Call (540) 371-1226 to schedule your appointment or speak with an associate today!

By Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Fredericksburg
January 21, 2016
Category: Surgeries
Tags: balloon sinuplasty  

Balloon sinuplasty surgery in Fredricksburg, VA can be a rather complicated process so it’s important to be prepared.

When Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Fredericksburg recommends balloon sinuplasty surgery, it's typically only sinuplastyafter you haven’t experienced any relief from your symptoms after exhausting every available treatment option. While surgery may sound rather scary, it’s important to learn everything you possibly can about your upcoming procedure so you aren’t surprised. The more you know the better. The doctors of Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Fredericksburg are here to demystify your upcoming surgery so you can feel better prepared.

What to Do Before Surgery

Since certain over-the-counter medications like aspirin or NSAID pain relievers can affect your procedure, we will recommend that you stop taking any of these medications about two weeks before your surgery to prevent bleeding. If you are taking blood thinners, tell us right away, as you will need to temporarily stop taking for a few weeks before and after your surgery.

Also please tell your Fredricksburg doctor about any vitamins or supplements you are taking. Certain supplements like ginseng and Vitamin E should be stopped prior to surgery.  

The Day of Surgery

You will not be able to eat or drink anything after midnight before your surgery. We will instruct you as to which medications you are allowed to take the morning of your surgery. Since you will be under anesthesia, you need to have an empty stomach.

Your sinus surgery will most likely be performed under local anesthesia, which means that you will not be asleep for your surgery. After your surgery you will spend a few hours in recovery where we will monitor your vitals. Most patients are able to go home a few hours after their surgery. Since you will be under the effects of anesthesia, you will need someone to drive you home.

If you have any questions about your balloon sinuplasty surgery in Fredrickburg, VA, never hesitate to call our office. We are here to make your procedure as easy as possible for you.

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