Signs of Thyroid Cancer

What your ENT specialists in Fredericksburg want you to know about thyroid cancer

You’ve probably heard about thyroid cancer; just the terminology is a bit unnerving. The good news is most cases of thyroid cancer can thyroidbe treated successfully. The key to effective treatment is early detection, because early detection means an improved treatment outcome. The first step in early detection is to recognize the signs and symptoms of thyroid cancer and to seek out the skills of an expert as soon as possible. Your ear, nose and throat specialists at Ear, Nose and Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Stafford and Fredericksburg, VA are just the experts you need.

Many early cases of thyroid cancer have little or no symptoms, but as the cancer grows, you may begin to experience recognizable signs and symptoms. Your ENT specialists in Stafford and Fredericksburg want you to know that common signs and symptoms of thyroid cancer include:

  • Swollen lymph nodes in your neck
  • Pain in your throat or neck
  • Difficult or painful swallowing
  • Changes in your voice, including hoarseness
  • A lump on your neck that can be felt through your skin

There are certain genetic and environmental factors that can increase your risk of thyroid cancer, including:

  • If you are female
  • If you have a family history of thyroid cancer or endocrine issues
  • High levels of radiation exposure

If you are experiencing any of the signs or symptoms of thyroid cancer, you need to visit your ENT specialist in Fredericksburg as soon as possible. During your visit, your doctor will perform a complete physical examination, including blood tests and imaging to make a diagnosis.

If you have thyroid cancer, try not to worry. Your ENT specialists are experts in thyroid cancer treatment and may recommend:

  • Surgical therapy, which may include removing a portion of your thyroid, removing lymph nodes in your neck or removing your entire thyroid gland
  • Radioactive iodine treatment, to destroy any remaining thyroid tissue to prevent the spread of cancer
  • Thyroid hormone therapy, to replenish your missing thyroid hormone

If you are worried about thyroid cancer, the first step you need to take is to visit your ENT specialists. They can diagnose and treat your thyroid cancer so you can get on with your life. Don’t spend your life worrying; it’s time to call your ear, nose and throat specialists at Ear, Nose and Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center with offices in Fredericksburg and Stafford, Virginia. Find out more by calling today!

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