FAQs About Getting a Tonsillectomy

TonsillectomyDo your tonsils frequently become inflamed or infected? The purpose of the tonsils is to help keep infection out of the rest of the body, but sometimes these small lymph nodes become infected themselves. When this happens, you may need to visit a Fredericksburg, VA ENT at Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Fredericksburg for a tonsillectomy.

What is a Tonsillectomy?

A tonsillectomy is a simple surgical procedure in which your Fredericksburg, VA ENT will remove one or both of your tonsils.

When are Tonsillectomies Needed?

Tonsillectomies are most commonly used to treat tonsillitis, a medical condition in which the tonsils repeatedly become infected or inflamed. Tonsillitis is not always treated through tonsillectomy, however. Doctors will typically prescribe antibiotics first and save surgery as a last resort.

Tonsillectomies can also be used to treat breathing difficulties due to enlarged tonsils as well as to stop the tonsils from bleeding, though this is rare.

What Should I Expect During My Tonsillectomy?

A fairly simple and routine procedure, tonsillectomies generally only take between 30 minutes and one hour to complete. The surgeon will give you general anesthesia before the procedure begins so you will be asleep through the entire procedure. Once the surgeon has successfully removed your tonsils, he or she will give you a second medication to help you regain consciousness. You will need someone to drive you home after your procedure, as the anesthesia takes time to fully wear off.

What Risks are Associated with Tonsillectomies?

Like all surgical procedures, tonsillectomies do come with certain risks. The most common side effects of tonsillectomies include bleeding, swelling and infection. Headaches, vomiting and nausea are all known side effects of the anesthesia as well. Thankfully, however, these risks are quite small and are easily managed.

If you are one of the many Fredericksburg, VA residents who frequently suffers from problems related to the tonsils, call your ENT at Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Fredericksburg to determine if a tonsillectomy might be a good option for you.

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