• Understanding Tonsil Stones: Can They Be Treated with a Tonsillectomy?
    If you have tonsil stones, you may wonder what caused them. However, you may be more curious to know what you can do to treat them, and if a tonsillectomy Read more
  • Adult Tonsillectomy FAQs
    Do I need a tonsillectomy? Tonsils are the soft masses in the back of the throat. These lymph nodes can help get rid of bacteria and protect against infection; however, they Read more
  • When You May Need A Tonsillectomy
    Do you have a sore throat, or do you need your tonsils taken out? You can rely on the doctors at Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center Read more
  • Why Is a Tonsillectomy Performed?
    Have you or your child been struggling with frequent bouts of tonsillitis or sleep apnea? A tonsillectomy performed by the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctors at Ear, Nose & Read more
  • Why You May Need a Tonsillectomy
    When the tonsils are repeatedly or chronically infected or are causing obstruction of the throat, your doctor may recommend that they be  removed. The procedure for removing the tonsils is Read more
  • FAQs About Getting a Tonsillectomy
    Do your tonsils frequently become inflamed or infected? The purpose of the tonsils is to help keep infection out of the rest of the body, but sometimes these small lymph Read more

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