• When You May Need A Tonsillectomy
    Do you have a sore throat, or do you need your tonsils taken out? You can rely on the doctors at Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center Read more
  • Help for Ringing in Your Ears
    How your otolaryngologists and ENT specialists in Fredericksburg, and Stafford, VA, can help when you have tinnitus Ringing in your ears is also known as tinnitus, and it can drive you Read more
  • Signs of a Sinus Infection
    Your ENT specialists in Fredericksburg, VA, can help you breathe easily again When you have a sinus infection, your whole body can feel run down. It's tempting to wait and see Read more
  • Am I a Candidate for Hydrafacial?
    Are you looking for radiant, smooth skin with fewer lines and age spots? At the Ear, Nose & Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Fredericksburg, and Stafford, VA, Our Read more
  • What's Sinuplasty and When Would I Need it?
    If you struggle with chronic sinusitis, balloon sinuplasty could be the solution. Ongoing sinus problems, in which the sinus passages become inflamed for extended periods, can cause facial pain and Read more
  • What Are Adenoids?
    Adenoids are easy to miss, located at the back of your throat. Tonsils, their neighbors, tend to be more well known. But just like with their neighbors they only get Read more
  • Different Thyroid Conditions
    The thyroid is part of the body’s endocrine system, which is responsible for producing and releasing many of the hormones in the body. The thyroid produces two hormones that play Read more
  • Why Is a Tonsillectomy Performed?
    Have you or your child been struggling with frequent bouts of tonsillitis or sleep apnea? A tonsillectomy performed by the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctors at Ear, Nose & Read more
  • Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids
    A hearing aid is a device you wear to help you hear more clearly. When you have hearing loss, a hearing aid is a smart option to help you communicate Read more
  • Balloon Sinuplasty for Chronic Sinusitis Relief
    If you are suffering from chronic sinusitis, balloon sinuplasty may be the answer you’re looking for. If you’ve been dealing with nasal congestion, post-nasal drip and facial pressure for months Read more
  • Your Facial Rejuvenation Options
    Sun damage, aging, and other factors can leave us with skin that is not as radiant as we would like. One method for rejuvenating the skin on your face is Read more
  • Signs That You May Be Dealing With Hearing Loss
    How your ENT specialists in Fredericksburg, VA, can help you hear better Are you missing out on conversations around you? Do you have to turn up the television to hear what Read more
  • Improve Your Skin With a HydraFacial
    Would you like healthy, glowing facial skin? Here at Ear, Nose and Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Fredericksburg and Stafford, VA, we offer the perfect blend of medical Read more
  • Is It Time for You to Get a Hearing Aid?
    There are many common causes of hearing loss. Some include but are not limited to - health conditions, age, injury, and excessive noise. Hearing loss can take a damaging effect Read more
  • Suffering From Sinusitis? Sinuplasty Could Help
    There are so many irritating symptoms when it comes to allergies—itchy watery eyes, continuous sneezing, and a general mental fog are just some of the issues that face allergies patients. Read more

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